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Development Snapshot.

"Ideal solution for every business owners"

  • Development Size: approx 2.53 acres
  • Type: 4-storey commercial lots
  • Land Tenure: Freehold
  • Location: Taman Perdana, Simpang Ampat
  • Total No. of Lots: 8 units
  • OC Obtained.

  • Commercial Floorplan C1
  • Commercial Floorplan C1
  • Commercial Floorplan C1
  • Terrace 3-storey

Investment Value

  • SA65 has a plus-factor in terms of built-up areas. They exceed those of similar residentials within the same area and the future developments will further enhance the present value.


  • Since the site-layout of SA65 is in a grid arrangement, the development of each phase is not dependent upon that of any other phase. The completion of each phase ensures a fully - integrated residential community with its own green area, security features and full accessibility.

Green Retreat

  • Each phase of SA65 has its own green area which is specially landscaped to impart a true closeness with nature. The trees, plants and shrubs are specially selected to provide welcome shade and lush foliage which give the feel of a spice-garden or natural park.

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